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Shop Rules (Terms & Conditions)

1. No fake stock here, all the products that I sell here are 100% genuine product.

2. Product which do not have "Pre-order" remarks means have ready stock.

3. For "pre-order" items please pay me before the pre-order deadline.

4. For "ready stock" please pay me within three(3) days after you place the order, otherwise I will consider that you want to cancel the order. Cause all the ready stock has limited quantity and is based on first-come-first-served basis!

5. Goods sold are NOT allow to exchange / refund , all the products I will double check before sending them out! Therefore any return in damage are NOT allow. Buyer please decide clearly before placing an order. I apologize if any inconveniences caused.

6. For clothes, all the picture that shown on the web might have some chromatic aberration due to the light reflection while taking the photograph or the color settings of different computer. Therefore, part of the clothes might have some color difference compare witht he actual object(product). The actual object(product) is the standard for all the products. Please don't place an order if you mind it!

7. For clothes, which have slightly running out of thread, color discoloration after washing, minor stain, drawing stain, button not sew firmly, actual color different from screen's color and some of the defect are NOT allow to return/refund.

8. Clothes or garments are very subjective product, Refund is NOT allow in terms of any color dislike, color different, product dislike, clothes can see through, clothes too big/small, clothes not comfortable to wear and so on.

Under special circumstances, only allow the return of goods sold. Please contact me to know the reason in order to decide/approve on the item you wish to return. Any product that was not approved to return and has been sent to back to me is NOT returnable/refundable.

Due to the very tiny profit, if any returning on product, buyer is responsible for the postage. You can send by courier/normal registered mail which cost lesser, hope you all can understand. I apologize if any inconveniences caused. Buyer please decide clearly before placing an order.

9. If the parcel lost in the process of posting, I won't bear it. No refund!

10. All the prices are exclude of postage fees, buyers have to bear all the postage fee.

11. For "Ready stock", I will sent out the stock the within two(2) working days after I have received the payment. Except public holidays & weekends.

12. For "Pre-order", buyers may need to wait for about one(1) month to receive the parcel, please don't rush me then. Buyers who can't wait please do not place order as this is pre-order and sometimes the stock might delay.

13. After payment done, please show me your bank-in receipt as well by email at the same day, since there are many cheater online! =.=" Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your order(because I do not know whether you have made your payment or not!)
Thanks ya~! :)

**For serious buyer only.
**All price are FINAL. No negotiation!
**Please decide clearly before placing an order.
**Please take note that I may change the shop rules(terms and conditions) anytime without any notice.

Thanks for your support! ^^


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