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Face & Body Cream/Lotion

ICE GIRL Cherry Blossom SPF-35 Transparent Sun-block Foam-based Foundation Cream - RM 30.00

2 Different Types:
(Please inform me which type you want otherwise, I will sent out randomly!)

A) Transparent Sun-block Foam-based Foundation Cream
~Suitable for fair skin type.

B) Normal Sun-block Foam-based Foundation Cream
~Suitable for eastern yellow skin type people.

Remarks: 50g -- SPF 35

1. For external use only.
2. Keep out of reach of children.
3. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush throughtly with water.
4. Discontinue use and consult dermatologist if irritation occur.
5. Store in dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

UNES GSH Anti-radiation Whitening Cream 12g - RM 30.00

Directions for use:
Apply suitable amount of the cream to the face, neck or other area that you desired.
Can use it as day-cream / night-cream.

Magical UNES Pimple Remover Golden Finger (3ml) - RM 22.00
Extra Low Clear Stock Price - RM 5.00 (Exp: 29th April 2010)

Remove Pimple in 3days

Directions for use:
Use few time a day.
1. For first time, turn the product clockwise for about 5-6 round to let the liquid come out. Then for next time, just turn it for 1-2times then the liquid will come out.
2. When the liquid has came out, just apply it to the pimples area.
3. If the point of the product is dirty after few time usage, just clean it directly.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Blove Botanical Extract - RM 40.00
Promotion Price - RM 32.00

Remove Blackhead & Reduce Unsightly Open Pores

Ingredients: Pipal tree seed, rosemary, horsemint, azalea and etc.

Effect: Remove blackhead, control oil of T-area, reduce unsightly open pores

Directions for use: Apply the right amount to the nose.

Directions for open: Open the safety sealed bottle plug and replace it with the plastic plug, set it upside down and squeeze the plastic plug to let the liquid to outflow. Please cover it properly after use.

Suitable for all skin types.

Blove Epidermal Growth Factor & Peptide (Very Natural) - RM 40.00
Promotion Price: RM 32.00

Eventhough it is powder but it can preserve the water and complement the water for the skin.
It is not as dry as others, it cares for your skin and it will let your skin become natural white and bright!
It also will smoothen your skin.

It is very to apply to your skin.
This product also have added some sunblock ingredients in it, it can protect your skin from UVA, UVB. It do not contain any grease, fragrance extract in it.
It is using many kinds of natural mineral elements to produce it. It will not harm your skin, it is not only a make-up product it also a skin care product too.
It is suitable for all skin type.


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